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                                                               THE HAMMOND FAMILY IN AUSTRALIA

Ships from Scotland

"Kate"      "Oswestry Grange"    "Victory"

Andrew Fenwick and family arrived in Sydney on board the sailing ship "Kate" on 24 September 1849.

Andrew Fenwick died aboard the "Victory" returning from a visit to Scotland.

John McKenzie and family arrived in Moreton Bay on board the steam ship "Oswestry Grange"  on 25 March 1909.

Oswestry Grange

The OSWESTRY GRANGE was built in 1902 by Workman, Clark at Belfast for Houlder Brothers Ltd. She was a 6592 gross ton, twin screw, steel, one funnelled, four masted steamer with dimensions of 450.5 x 55.2 x 30.6ft.and a speed of 13 knots. Accommodation for 24-1st and 15-2nd class passengers. In 1906 she joined the joint Federal-Houlder-Shire Line service which served Australian ports, terminating at Port Chalmers, NZ. In 1912 Houlder Bros. disposed of most of their interests in the Australian trade and the OSWESTRY GRANGE was sold to the Union Steamship Co of New Zealand and renamed ROSCOMMON and was torpedoed and sunk by the U-53 on 21.8.1917 off Tory Island, Northern Ireland

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